Our Mission

Quality, Fair Pricing & Exceptional Service

These are the hallmarks under which MiRoMx Medical was established. Our business was founded on the principles of fairness and the best selection. We pride ourselves in our commitment to these founding principles which made us who we are today.

MiRoMx Medical, the premier surgical and medical equipment supplier, provides state of the art medical equipment to medical professionals all around the globe.

We offer premier products and services to medical depots, pharmacy groups, hospitals, frail care units, doctors, dentists, optometrists and many more, by providing them with premier brands that has the reliability they need to survive and sustain good business in today’s market.

Company Objective

MiRoMx has been involved in the medical and pharmaceutical industry for the past thirteen years. With extensive knowledge within the medical industry and through our professional staff with the capability to adapt to this ever changing environment and its demands, the company has built up a successful and well established reputation within this industry.

MiRoMx’s years of involvement in every avenue of the medical industry has empowered us to create turn key business models, that with continuous growth and development helps us strive to exceed our customers demands by keeping them up to date with the latest technology the industry has to offer.

MiRoMx takes pride in the fact that customized evaluations form part of the day to day business model which is used to supply accordingly to the client’s needs, ad-hoc, monthly or whatever they require. We also offer project management from start to finish on general patient care suits to trauma wards.

Services Offered

Please see a complete list of services offered below

• All medical consumables, equipment, and necessities

Hospital infrastructure design

Health and safety

Ambulance supply & conversions

• Enrolled carers and nurses

• Extensive training to carers how to deal with patients – specializing in Alzheimer’s and Dementia units

• Diapers, Adult Wipes and Surgical Gloves – adults and pediatric

• Theatre scrubs, gowns, protective gear

• Face masks for high-risk wards

• Disposable thermometers

• Sterile cleaning equipment

• Disposable hospital curtains which minimize the spread of bacteria in any ward or facility

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